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[Package Design, 2021]

Project focus:

Design a rigid construction packaging for a set of 3-5 items.

The package needs to enhance, display, and protect the products.

What is Stampression?

Stampression is a brand for selling wax seal stamp kits. The name is a portmanteau of "stamp" and "(wax) impression".

Every stamp is elegant and customizable so customers can have their personal wax seal stamp kit.

Wax seal stamps originated in Indus Valley and Mesopotamian civilizations, and they became more common in the Middle Ages. People during the time made signet rings that were emblazoned with a family crest and they would frequently be used to stamp or sign a document.

Design approach:

I designed the S seal with the floral pattern and unicorn as the brand logo. It's also a promotion for how elegant our customized stamps are. The colors of the package are from a Renaissance color palette of yellow, red, and green.

1-1 copy.jpg
1-2 copy.jpg
1-3 copy.jpg
1-4 copy.jpg
2-1 copy.jpg
2-3 copy.jpg
2-2 copy.jpg
2-4 copy.jpg

The target audience is not only aimed for people who have a special need for more elegant stamps but also collectors.

Since the product is supposed to be a personal kit, I designed it as a small treasure-box-like container with the dimension of  6"x 4"x 2.5", which is suitable for a desktop as a beautiful decoration and serves as a box for wax seal stamps or other objects.

3-1 copy.jpg
3-3 copy.jpg
3-2 copy.jpg
3-4 copy.jpg
4 copy.jpg
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