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Oh hey, this is Yu-Chin!


Yu-Chin Ma graduated from Drexel University's Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design with a Graphic Design major and a minor in Fine Arts. She was born and raised in Taiwan. Moving to a new country and facing new experiences and challenges trained her to adapt to the environment faster. She believes her education and broad cultural perspectives introduce her creative ideas and add perspectives and insights to her work!

Graphic design is all around us, and the need for powerful design is invaluable because it clarifies messages and influences perceptions. As a visual learner, Yu-Chin creates minimal, meaningful designs that are easy to navigate and understand. The project “Ma • Cha”, for example, is a strong design that grabs people’s attention and leaves a great impression (click here to view this project).

Yu-Chin is a photographer, with a special interest in film photography! She has an eye for detail, in her photographs, designs, and objects in daily life. She also keeps a rigorous and organized project workflow that helps her get through the design process and deliver her ideas and designs clearly.

What Else?

When Yu-Chin is not designing, you can find her playing basketball as well as hitting the gym to do weight training. Sweating and gaining muscles make her happy and give her a sense of accomplishment!


Oh, sometimes you might hear people calling her Sherry<3

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Graphic Design: @ma99_design

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Photography: @ma99_photo

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