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Five Below

Five Below environmental branding-10 copy.jpg

[Brand Identity, 2021]

Project focus:

Develop a brand identity system for the organization.

Establish a visual language and design system consisting of a logo/mark, color palette, typography, iconography, and photography/graphics.

What is Five Below?

Five Below is an American chain of specialty discount stores. They provide a wide variety of fun and trendy products at the lowest prices but the highest quality.

Five Below delivers a fun, affordable, and memorable shopping experience primarily to teens and tweens and appeals to all ages.

fb logo 2.jpeg
fb logo.jpeg

Design approach:

This rebrand, with the new slimy shape and bright warm color palette, conveys the unique personality of playfulness for Five Below.

The slimy shape comes from the idea of the toy slime that I liked to play with when I was young. It is playful and interchangeable, which symbolizes how Five Below always brings surprises to the customer with their trendiest products.

Presn mockup-17.jpg
fb color n type 2-47.png

The rebrand design expanded to other applications such as Facebook banners, Instagram posts, website design, app design, and a business stationery set.


Since Five Below is playful and energetic, I also designed many additional touchpoints. Store related including the store exterior, price tags, elevator door, store signage, and street light pole banners. Especially when social media is so popular now and Five Below’s main target audience is teens and tweens, I wanted to design the in-store Instagram wall for customers to take pictures with their friends or products they buy, and hashtag Five Below to share the happiness and promote Five Below at the same time.

Five Below environmental branding-10 copy.jpg

Other additional touchpoints include fun items such as gift cards and loyalty cards, stamps, drawstring bags, phone holders, etc. As well as expanded to the delivery side since Five Below does delivery, I designed different sets of boxes, tapes, and stickers.

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