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Ma • Cha


[Package Design, 2021]

Project focus:

Design and construct a 4”x4” knock-down package for a food product.

The product aims for an educated, upscale audience.

What is Ma • Cha?

Ma • Cha is a fictional matcha brand. The name is a combination of “matcha” and my last name “ma”.

Ma • Cha sells matcha in powder format instead of bags because the customers can ingest the actual leaves, which contain all the goodness and give the full benefit of matcha. 
The brand provides products that are convenient but still very luxurious and high quality.
All the matcha leaves are grown in Uji, Kyoto.

Design approach:

Because the product is high-end and well-known matcha usually comes from Japan, the design approach was a Japanese style.

I experimented and chose this package construction with a taller top and shorter bottom because when the customers open up the box, all the beautiful individual packets of matcha are displayed.

macha color n type-45.png

I kept everything very minimal and simple, from the exterior design to the interior, and the bottom supporter that holds up the individual packets. The design element was the leafy theme in both solid color and outline format, with the color palette of greens and brown, which conveyed the fresh, healthy, and luxury of matcha.

The final product was printed on sheets of charcoal paper for the special texture that felt very Japanese.

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